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Each step is explained in further detail in the section identified:

  • Mount the DLS and GPS module on a pole (or poles), away from electromagnetic interference and away from any shadowing objects such as propellers or other poles (Section 1.1)
  • Mount the DLS and GPS module such that they are both pointing forward with respect to the aircraft (Section 2)
  • The plate the DLS and GPS module are mounted on needs to be a flat surface that is parallel to the X-Y plane of the aircraft (Section 2)
  • You must perform the 6-axis magnetic calibration detailed in the video (Section 3)
  • Verify the magnetic calibration is consistent using a compass and verify that the aircraft does not cause electromagnetic interference that affects the heading measurement (Section 5)

Note: The checklist above assumes you are using the included 3DR GPS and are mounting the camera and DLS on a multirotor aircraft.

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