MicaSense Uploader v2.x Instructions

Download the software from https://atlas.micasense.com/data/downloads (ATLAS login required)

MAC: Double-click on the MicaSense Uploader.dmg file to extract the software. Then, drag and drop the uploader icon into the applications folder. 

WIN: Run the setup.exe to install the software.

MAC: You can open the uploader from your applications folder.

The login page appears


Enter your ATLAS username/email address and password, and press the Login button

The Uploads page appears. If you have uploaded images before, they will appear here. Otherwise, “No existing image sets” appears.

Press the “+New” button

Enter a title and a description (optional) and then press the “+” button.

Press the “+Add Files” button to select the folder with the images you will upload.

At this point, more folders can be added by clicking the "+ Add Files" button again.

If you will be uploading all of the images required for the mosaic, switch on the “Complete Image Set after Upload” checkbox. If you need to upload more images to this mosaic later, switch this checkbox off.

When you have selected all of the images/directories required for the job, press “Upload”.

The MicaSense Uploader will show you the progress for the entire set, for each file uploading, as well as an estimated time remaining for the set.

While this set is uploading, you can queue another set for upload by returning to the image set page using the left arrow button in the top left corner.

You can now add another set, add files, and click upload to queue it to begin uploading when the previous set is completed. Following this process you can queue any number of sets for upload.  Each new set will begin as soon as the previous set has completed.

The status and progress for each set is visible on the image set list page.

Once completed, no further images may be uploaded to the same mosaic, but you may begin uploading data to other mosaics.

If you determine that you don't have any more images to add to a set but did not chose "Complete Image Set after Uploading," you can complete the set at any time after uploading of files is complete by clicking on the image set and then clicking "Complete Upload."


If at any time during uploading, you would like to pause the upload process, click the "Pause" button on the top bar.

You can then resume uploading by clicking the "Resume Now" text or the "Play" button in the top bar.

After an image set has completed uploading, you will receive an email from Atlas with the status of the upload.

If you have not yet created any farms or fields, you will receive an email notification asking you to create a field in order to begin processing.

Log into the ATLAS DataHub at http://atlas.micasense.com/data

You will see your upload with a status of “No fields detected”

Click anywhere on the grey area of the upload to expand for more details.

Press the “Create a field” button

The map appears.


Choose a farm and type a field name.


Draw a field boundary by clicking on the map.

Be sure to draw the field in the area where your captures have been taken.

If there are captures which are missing GPS information, your map may be zoomed out. In this case, search for or zoom into your field area to draw your field.

Press save.

Your upload will now show a “Process” button as well as an image showing the field location.

Press the “Process” button.

An “Estimate” window appears.

Press the “Start processing” button.

The status should show “In progress...” and the button should be labeled  “Processing...”


When processing has completed, you will receive an email notification.

You can log into your ATLAS account online and view your fields.

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