User Service of Altum-PT Fan

Important Note

Normally, any disassembly of a MicaSense camera is not recommended and will void the warranty. However, the Altum-PT and RedEdge-P have been designed with user-serviceable cooling fans to prolong the life of these cameras. Please follow these steps and do not disassemble the camera further than described. Failure to adhere to these instructions will void the warranty.

Inspecting the Fan

  1. Use a T5 driver to remove the six (6) screws that secure the camera's rear panel. Retain the screws for future use.DSC00219.JPG
  2. Carefully remove the rear plate of the camera, exposing the fan and cooling cavity.DSC00221.JPG
  3. Inspect the fan for any obstructions. Use the tip of a screwdriver to check that the fan is free to spin.
  4. Inspect the three fan cables for security and integrity. Check that the cables are secure in the connector and the connector itself is secure.DSC00228.JPG
  5. If necessary, the camera can be safely powered on without the rear plate installed in order to test the fan.

Replacing the Fan

  1. Use a PH00 phillips screwdriver to remove the three (3) screws which secure the fan. DSC00228_-_Copy.JPG
  2. Carefully peel away the yellow Kapton tape, which secures the fan cables, and then use a 2mm flathead screwdriver to carefully remove the fan connector.DSC00229.JPG
  3. Install the connector of the replacement fan and use the flathead screwdriver to ensure that it is secure.
  4. Use the phillips screwdriver to re-install the three (3) screws which secure the replacement fan.
  5. DSC00228_-_Copy.JPG
  6. Power on the camera to check that the fan is spinning.
  7. Check the camera's web UI to ensure that no errors appear.
  8. Re-secure the fan cable with the yellow kapton tape.
  9. Use the flathead screwdriver to re-install the six (6) screws which secure the rear plate of the camera.
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