Camera Parameters for Mission Planning apps (DJI Pilot, GS Pro, etc.)

When using a Mission Planner such as DJI Pilot, one may need to create a "custom camera" to enable the app to properly calculate flight paths. There are several mission planning apps that allow MicaSense cameras to be added, but you'll need to know your camera's sensor specs to proceed. 

Below is a table with each camera model's sensor specs:

Camera Name RedEdge-M/MX** RedEdge-P Altum, Altum-PT
Image Width (px) 1280 1456 2064
Image Height (px) 960 1088 1544
Sensor Width (mm) 4.8 5.04 7.12
Sensor Height (mm) 3.6 3.78 5.33
Focal Length (mm) 5.4


35mm Equivalent No No No
Min. Shutter Interval* 1 1 1

* The minimum shutter interval is limited to 1.0s due to DJI software. The RedEdge-P and Altum-PT can capture faster than 1 per second, so until DJI patches this limitation, 1.0s is the lowest number allowed.

** The Dual Camera System uses the same parameters as the RedEdge-MX & RedEdge-P, depending on which model you have. 

Once you have created the "custom camera" with these parameters/specs, be sure to plan your mission with the recommended best practices. 

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