Can I use DLS2 cables longer than the standard 60cm?

MicaSense cameras are designed to be compatible with any drone that can safely handle the payload weight. However there are some situations where your MicaSense camera must be mounted on a particular aircraft or location that does not allow for a traditional integration and will require custom cable lengths to accommodate.

For example if mounting your camera to the bottom of a manned aircraft such as a Cessna 172, the distance between the camera and DLS2 will likely exceed 60 cm and a longer length of cable is required to allow the DLS2 to be mounted in an ideal location on the wing. 


We do not offer custom cable lengths for any of our cables available in the accessories page. However, it is perfectly feasible to splice multiple DLS2 cables together to form a longer length of cable. To make a cable ~3m long, you will need 5 of our 60cm DLS2 cables in order to splice them together for this custom length.

Please be advised that these longer lengths of cables can mean small drops in voltage and slight increases in signal delay between the DLS2 and the camera. We have not tested our integrations with DLS2 cables longer than 60cm so they have not been validated; However, it should be possible to do this successfully.

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