Skyport vs Quick Mount Kit

There are two different DJI drone integration options available for the RedEdge-MX and Altum:

  1. DJI Skyport kit
  2. Quick Mount kit

The purpose of this guide is to clearly show the differences between the two options.

DJI Skyport Kits 

The RedEdge MX with Skyport or Altum with Skyport comes with the mount already attached and activated by our team in Seattle. The sensor is also shipped with a mount for the light sensor (DLS2), specific to the type of drone you will be flying.  The Skyport must be installed in our facilities in Seattle.  There is no option for a customer installing the Skyport on his or her own after purchasing a standalone camera kit. Also, the Skyport and sensor are not designed to be removed from one another after purchase, so using the Altum with Skyport or RedEdge-MX with Skyport with a non-DJI drone, such as a fixed wing drone, will not be possible.

The main advantage of the Skyport is that it allows the sensor and drone to communicate via DJI’s Payload SDK (PSDK). This allows the user to program the drone’s flight through a DJI flight app (such as DJI Pilot or Ground Station Pro), and the drone will send trigger commands to the camera directly while in flight.   You can also fly using Atlas Flight from MicaSense with the M-200 but not with the M-300.  With the M-300 you have to use DJI Pilot.

One advantage to the drone sending trigger commands to the camera is that it will only capture images when necessary--starting with the first waypoint and ending with the last waypoint. This prevents any unnecessary captures as the drone flies to and from the home point.

Another advantage of the Skyport is that it allows the pilot to see the remaining images left on the sensor’s storage device in real time which provides assurance that the sensor is working properly and indicates how much data storage is remaining.

DJI’s PSDK technology is currently only available with the Matrice 200 series and Matrice 300 RTK drones. It can still be mounted to any DJI drone that has the newest gimbal connector (commonly referred to as the ‘Z30’ connector), but for drones other than the M200 series and M300, it will not be communicating with the drone, it will just be supplying power to the sensor.

All Skyport Kits come with a DLS2 mount for either the M200 or the M300 (the customer specifies which is needed prior to purchase).  

If you are not planning to use the sensor with a Matrice 200 or 300 series drone, no drone to camera communication will be available and a Quick Mount Kit (outlined below) is the recommended option.

Please note that the Skyport is not available for the Dual Camera System, RedEdge-M, or RedEdge-3. For more information on compatible mounts please see: List of cameras compatible with DJI Skyport and MicaSense Quick Mount

Quick Mount Kit



The MicaSense Quick Mount kits can be used with any DJI drone that has the Z30 connector:

  • Inspire 2
  • M100
  • Older models of this drone may not have come with the Z30 mount included, but it can be purchased separately.
  • M200 and M210
  • The M210 RTK model is not compatible with our kit, as the space to secure the DLS2 mast on the left side of the drone is taken up by the RTK antenna. If the RTK antennas are removed, our quick mount kit will be compatible.
  • M300 RTK
  • M600
  • This model does not come standard with a Z30 mount, but this part can be purchased separately.

These kits allow you to mount and power the camera (just as you would with a Skyport kit), but do not allow the drone and sensor to communicate.  When using the Quick Mount kit you will need to connect to the wifi signal of the camera and set up image capture using one of our automatic capture modes.  The process of connecting to the camera wifi and setting up capture generally takes about 5 minutes.

All quick mount kits include a DLS2 mount.  MicaSense has DLS2 mounts for M100, M200, M210* (*not M210 RTK), M300, M600 and Inspire 2. The customer needs to specify which DLS2 mount is needed prior to purchase.

The main advantage of the Quick Mount kit is the price.  You will save around $900 when purchasing a RedEdge-MX and around $2000 when purchasing an Altum.  Another advantage to the Quick Mount is that it is easy to attach and remove from the camera itself which allows you to use the sensor with not only DJI drones but non-DJI integrations as well.



Quick Mount Kit

Skyport Kit


$599 for all sensors

$2700 (Altum)
$1400 (RedEdge-MX)

Power from drone



PSDK (communication with drone)



Compatible with Z30 gimbal connector









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