How to connect to the MicaSense Altum via Ethernet

If you prefer not to use Wi-Fi to connect to the Altum's web UI, or to use the camera's HTTP API, you can use a USB to Ethernet adapter in the USB port that usually contains the Edimax Wi-Fi dongle. 

We have had success with the following models: 

Manual TCP/IP configuration is required for Ethernet connections.

Set the host computer’s Ethernet to use a manual IP address in the block - 255

We recommend the IP address if it is not in use already.

Set the host computer’s subnet mask to 

Once the host computer's Ethernet has been configured, connect to the configuration page using the Ethernet IP address ( by default). The IP address can be changed in Settings > Advanced > Ethernet Configuration.

The API is accessed via HTTP connection to port 80 at the sensor IP address. All data is exchanged in the JSON format.


Review the following article for more information about connecting to the camera with Wi-Fi:

User Guide for MicaSense Sensors (Altum, RedEdge M/MX, Dual Camera System) 

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