How to format a storage device with the camera web UI

If you're looking to format your storage device, you can do so directly from the camera's web UI. This is the recommended method to ensure that the storage device you are using is compatible with the sensors. 

MicaSense cameras prefer the FAT32 format. This can be done using the camera web UI, or your personal computer (not shown in this guide)

Step by step on how to format your storage device using the web UI:

1. Click on the settings page (gear icons on the top right)



2. Scroll down and click on "Storage and Firmware", then click "Reformat Storage"



3. You will see a prompt confirming this action. Be sure to save all your information before doing this, as this action is not reversible.


4. Wait until you see a confirmation message that the reformatting was successful as you see below:


NOTE: The "Storage and Firmware" option in the Settings page is only available on RedEdge firmware v4.2.0 or higher. If you are below v4.2.0, you will need to update your firmware.

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