How do I power the Altum?

This article pertains to the MicaSense Altum. If you have a different sensor, please refer to the appropriate article that pertains to your particular camera. 


Altum requires 5.2 V DC for operation, with a maximum operating voltage of 25.2 V. The supply must be able to provide 10 W (~2A @ 5V) peak. Power can be provided to the sensor in two main ways:  

  • shared power from the aircraft's main battery pack
  • a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer (LiPo) battery pack. A two-cell LiPo will provide optimal efficiency.

NOTE: Because 5 volt USB battery packs can dip well below 4.9V, they should not be used to power the sensor. Ensure the power source conforms to the specifications listed above and can supply the required voltage at the power port of the camera, accounting for any losses in the wiring.

For more information regarding Altum please see:

Altum Integration Guide (PDF)

User Guide for MicaSense Sensors

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