How to update your firmware

Updating the Firmware

It is essential to keep the sensor firmware updated at all times. You can find the latest firmware on the MicaSense Camera Firmware Download Page.

Before you begin, you must make sure your camera is getting enough power. If you aren't providing your camera with the recommended amount of power, you can damage the camera while attempting the firmware update.

Do NOT power the camera by plugging it into a computer USB port, as this does not provide enough power. If you’re unsure of your camera's power requirements, please check your camera’s integration guide in our knowledge base.

Next, you must be sure you are downloading the correct firmware for your camera. Check carefully that you are not attempting to update using another camera’s firmware, as this will not result in a successful update.

Finally, it is important to ensure that the media storage device is in good condition and properly formatted.

How to format a storage device with the camera web UI

How to Update (for all sensors, except for Altum)

  1. The download from the provided link will be a zipped folder. Unzip this folder to view the contents.
  2. Copy the .bin file to your storage device. Make sure it is not within a folder. The name of the .bin file will vary depending on your camera model (e.g. for RedEdge-P it will be rededgep.bin)
  3. Power on the camera with the storage device inserted. After about 30 seconds, the camera’s status LEDs will begin to flash.
  4. To confirm you have successfully updated, connect to the camera’s web interface. How?
    Then scroll to the bottom of the settings page where you will see a serial number and firmware version installed.
  5. Once you have updated, it is recommended you delete the .bin file from the storage device to prevent it from updating again the next time you reboot the camera.

NOTE: If you are using the Dual Camera system, you must perform these steps for both the Red and Blue cameras individually.


Altum Only, NOT Altum-PT

If you are using the Altum, additional steps are required. Please follow the instructions below instead:

  1. Copy the *.bin file for the Altum to a folder on your computer or to the USB drive for your Altum.
  2. With the Altum powered OFF, insert the USB drive into the USB port on the Altum. If using the SD card adapter, you must use the SD card instead of the USB drive.
  3. Provide a source of power to the Altum, and it should power on automatically.
  4. Connect to the WiFi interface and go to the settings page (gear icon).
  5. Select "Storage and Firmware" and then "Update Firmware".

  6. All .bin files on the camera USB drive will show up in a list. Use the radio button to select the .bin file you wish to use. Alternatively, click the "Choose File" or "Browse" button to select a different file on your computer. Once the file of choice is selected, click the "Update Firmware" button to begin the update process.
  7. Wait until the progress bar completes and prompts you to restart your Altum.
  8. Hold down the power button on your Altum until the lights turn off.
  9. Wait a few seconds and turn the Altum back on.
  10. The Altum should then boot up normally, and the LED status light will flash approximately once every 1.5 seconds.
  11. Verify the software was updated by checking the “Settings” page on the Altum's web UI. The firmware version number is shown at the bottom of the page.
  12. If you copied the bin file to the USB drive manually, power down the Altum, remove the USB drive and delete the bin file. 


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