Automatic Calibration Panel Detection (QR Mode)

Starting in firmware version (Altum 1.3.5, RedEdge 5.1.7) and higher, the new automatic panel detection mode will automatically recognize and take an image of the calibration panel.

Written Instructions


To use the automatic panel detection mode:

  1. In the Live View tab of the sensor's configuration page, press the QR button.
  2. In this mode, the sensor displays a live preview, updated about twice every second.
  3. The configuration page and sensors with internal speakers will play a sound until the sensor detects a MicaSense reflectance panel and QR code.
  4. Hold the sensor (or drone+sensor) at least 1 meter above a MicaSense Calibrated Reflectance Panel. Try to center the panel and QR code in the field of view. 
  5. When the sensor detects the panel, it will play a unique sound and flash a blue LED light indicating a capture has been taken.
  6. If the sensor does not detect a panel, it will continue to make a sound until the user presses the "Stop" button. 
  7. If the sensor is not detecting a panel, try inching a little closer to the panel for a few seconds until it is able to recognize it. 


Be sure to stop or confirm that the camera has captured and exited QR mode. If the camera is left in QR mode, no captures will be recorded until it finds a panel or the Stop button is pressed.

Whenever capturing a panel image (even in automatic capture mode), please ensure that you follow all of the best practices for panel capture.

These panel images will be tagged with special metadata that indicates that they are panel images to be used for calibration. Post-processing software like Pix4Dmapper and Agisoft Metashape can use this metadata to automatically import panel information into the process. 

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