Using DJI GS Pro with MicaSense cameras + Quick Mount

For MicaSense camera users that are not using the SkyPort mount with the M200 series drones, you can still use DJI GS Pro as a flight planner, but some extra setup is involved. Since the app will not recognize the camera, you will need to set up the camera to use an automatic triggering mode and add the following camera specification to the "custom camera" section:   



MicaSense Camera Parameters:

Camera Name RedEdge-M/MX RedEdge-P Altum / Altum-PT
Sensor Res. Width 1280 1456 2064
Sensor Res. Height 960 1088 1544
Sensor Width 4.8 5.04 7.12
Sensor Height 3.6 3.78 5.33
Focus Length 5.4  5.33
35mm Equivalent OFF OFF OFF
Min Shutter Intv. 1 1 1.5
Max Shutter Intv. 2 2 2


It is also very important to set the appropriate overlap percentage on the advanced tab. The overlap percentage should match what you used in RedEdge's overlap mode settings (we recommend a value of 75%):





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