Updating older camera with Rig Relatives

Some older cameras (purchased before June 2018) may need to receive a special update file to upload Rig Relatives to their camera. This is necessary for processing data in Pix4Dfields and other software that use Rig Relatives.

Determining if you need the update

Check for the presence of the updated calibration using the steps below:

  • Update the firmware to the latest version (3.4.0 or higher) via atlas.micasense.com
  • Connect to RedEdge wifi, and visit in a web browser.
  • If the camera has the required calibration, it will display it, indicating that the camera data is ready for Pix4Dfields:
{"0": [0.2, 0.1, 0.2], "1": [0.1, 0.2, 0.1]...
  • If not, a message should appear stating "No rig relative calibration available" and the camera requires an update to be used with Pix4D fields.

Preparing the camera 

Updating the camera

  • Connect to RedEdge wifi (password "micasense")
  • Open in your browser
  • Upload the provided file, <filename>.bin
  • You should see a confirmation message, "File successfully stored"
  • Once you get to the "File successfully stored" message, do not remove the power from the camera. Instead, hold down the trigger button until the camera has powered off (no LED lights). Then, wait a moment and press the power button once to turn the camera on again. This should ensure that the camera is able to write the new values successfully.
  • Visit to ensure the new values appear.


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