Calibrated Reflectance Panel Care Instructions


The following care instructions are applicable to MicaSense Calibrated Reflectance Panels (CPRs) with a serial number starting with RP04 or later.


These instructions are not meant for use with CRPs that have a serial number starting with P, RP01, RP02, or RP03. These panels were not intended to be cleaned. Care instructions for the older model include keeping the panel closed and in a temperature controlled environment when not in use. 

The MicaSense CRP should be handled with care and treated like a scientific instrument. When in the field, we recommend only having the panel case open when you are taking panel images and keeping it closed at all other times. Be sure not to touch the CRP with your bare hands, as dirt, oil, or grease on your hands may lead to degradation of the panel. If your panel becomes soiled with dust or dirt, you can clean the panel using a photobrush (example) to lightly brush off the debris. If necessary, DeIonized water may be used with the photobrush to remove debris as well. You may also use medical grade (or 4.0) clean nitrogen to clean the panel. The panel should be stored in a temperature controlled environment.

CAUTION: The manufacturer does not recommend using compressed air as a cleaning method. 

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