Process MicaSense sensor data in Agisoft Metashape

Data collected with MicaSense sensors can be processed, stitched, aligned, and radiometrically calibrated, in a number of different photogrammetry solutions.

Agisoft has published two tutorials showing how to process RedEdge and Altum data in Metashape. 

Processing RedEdge Data

Processing Altum Data

For best results, be sure to deselect "Write alpha channel" when you export your orthomosaic:


For processing 10-band data from the Dual Camera System, please see the next section.

We have created a video tutorial for processing Altum data in Metashape Pro 1.5, which can be viewed below:


Note: Sometimes Metashape can mislabel the bands with multiple names, as shown in the reflectance calibration menu below. If this happens, restart Metashape and re-import the images.


Processing 10-band data

In order to process 10-band data from the RedEdge-MX Dual Camera System there is a special consideration to be taken when importing images.

Normally, one would use the "Add Photos" option from the Workflow menu. However, you will want to choose the "Add Folder" option instead. Then you will select a single directory to import all your photos at once.

Do not add photos from the Red or Blue cameras individually, as this may affect your processing results negatively.

If you are having trouble processing with Agisoft, we recommend looking through their Knowledge Base, or contact their support team.

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