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Reflectance Panel Considerations

There are no special operations with the DLS (except for slight changes in reflectance panel captures as indicated below). For every capture done by the RedEdge-3 or RedEdge-M camera, the value of each of the 5 sensors of the DLS (each with its own filter that matches the filters in the camera) is automatically recorded in the metadata of the image files created by the camera.

For best results, an image of the calibrated reflectance panel is still needed both before and after flight (to confirm the calibrations of the camera and DLS). When performing the panel capture, ensure that both the panel and the DLS are being exposed to direct light from the sky, without shadowing and without reflections from other objects.

It is also important that the aircraft (and therefore the DLS) is as close to straight and level as possible during panel captures. Adjust the position of the aircraft and the panel such that the camera is as close to directly overhead the panel as possible, without causing shadows on the panel, and at a level attitude.

DLS Connection Verification

You can verify that the DLS is connected to the camera from the camera configuration home page. If connected, the DLS status should be green and display “Connected”.


In the DLS settings page, under “Advanced Configuration” in the “Multi-Camera Configuration” section, the DLS serial number and software version should be displayed.

DLS Firmware Upgrade

RedEdge camera firmware upgrades will periodically contain DLS firmware updates as well.

To update the firmware on your DLS, you can either have it plugged into the camera at the time you are upgrading the camera’s firmware, or plug the DLS in later after you have upgraded the camera’s firmware and are ready to use the DLS. Remember to not connect the DLS to the camera with the camera powered ON.

The camera will automatically update the firmware on the DLS if it contains a newer version.

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