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After all connections have been completed, apply power to the camera in the standard way (5 Volts DC, 2 Amps).

There are two green LED lights on the DLS, one on either side of the unit. The meaning of the LEDs is as shown in the table below. The LEDs are small and may not be easy to see without getting close to the unit.

LED Signal Type


4 simultaneous flashes on both LEDs

This occurs upon boot-up of the DLS

Sporadic flashing

Communications received. This is normal behavior

Alternating blinking between the two LEDs

Indicates a software/hardware problem. If the problem persists, contact MicaSense at support@micasense.com

Both LEDs solid ON


Connect to the Wi-Fi user interface of the camera per the instructions in the RedEdge User Manual. Verify that the software version is 1.5.27 or later (the version number is viewable in the Settings page) – update the firmware if needed.

In the Settings page, click on the Advanced Configuration link.

In the Advanced Configuration section, verify that the DLS is present in the table as shown below. Note that the software version shown for the DLS is the software of the microcontroller in the DLS itself. It is a different software version than the one that powers the RedEdge camera. The Multi-Camera Configuration and Ethernet Configuration menus are for advanced uses. These settings should not be modified.

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