Can I upload a .kml or shapefile to define my field boundaries?

Yes! At the moment, you may import a shapefile or kml file directly into Atlas to define one field at a time. The first polygon in the file will be used to create your field.

Import Shapefiles or KML

At the moment, only the first polygon in the file will be used, and only one field can be imported per file. Additionally, the files should be in the WGS-84 lat/lon (EPSG:4326) projection.

From the "Farms" tab in Atlas, click on the farm where you'd like to place your field.

Press the +New button to add a new field

Press the Upload Shapefile button, and choose the shapefile you'd like to import.



Enter a field name and description, then press the "Save" button. 

Defining multiple fields using a shapefile

If you would like to define multiple fields using a shapefile, this feature is planned, but not supported at this time. However, if you have field boundaries in a common format such as .shp or .kml, we may be able to work with you to import your fields into Atlas.

The shapefile type should be "polygons" and each entry should be a Polygon (no "MultiPolygons"). There should be 3 columns in the parameters table:

Farm Name
Field Name
Field Desc

Each attribute should be of type "string" and with a length that will support the longest text in each.  We find 100 characters to be good a good length for the Farm Name and Field Name attributes, and 255 is a good length for the Field Description field.

The "Farm Name" is exactly the same for each of the fields belonging to a specific farm.  Our import process uses "Farm Name" to create new farms if they don't exist. It adds each "field" to a farm matching the "Farm Name" column.

Please send your shapefile as an attachment to with your request.

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