How do I download the Capture Location KMZ from a RedEdge and open it in Google Earth?

The camera's web interface allows you to download a KMZ file of all the capture points on your storage device. You can load this file into Google Earth or a GIS to see if you got enough captures. 


1. Connect to the cameras WiFi on your device by following the instructions found in the RedEdge User Manual.

2. In an internet browser on your device, navigate to the following address: 

3. Under "Download KMZ" click "captures.kmz" to download the file.

4. At this point, you can disconnect from the camera wifi and (if available), connect to your local WiFi.

5. Open Google Earth or Google Earth Pro - both are able to readily open KMZ files. If you do not have either of these, they are available for free download at

6. Go to File>Open. Navigate to the "captures.kmz" file on your device. Then click "Open". Google Earth should automatically navigate to your capture locations on the map and you should see "captures.kmz" appear in you "Tepmorary Places" folder under the "Places" menu.

7. If Google Earth does not automatically navigate to your capture locations, double click on the icon next to "captures.kmz" to do so.

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