How should I define my fields in Atlas?

Fields in Atlas should cover a specific geographic area which generally shouldn't change unless there is an error or problem with the field definition. 

Fields should be defined in such a way that the defined area entirely covers only the specific field you are interested in capturing, even if you may only be flying over portions of that field at any given time. Fields should not overlap other fields. 

Fields in the MicaSense Uploader. 

If the data set that you are uploading to Atlas via the Uploader overlaps with a predefined field in your Atlas account, the data set will automatically process with the field that has the most coverage. If you would like to have more control over which fields your data set is processed with, you can turn off automatic processing in your Atlas account settings. 

Fields in Atlas Flight

Fields defined in Atlas can be used to plan flights within Atlas Flight, so it's helpful to define your fields before heading out to fly.

Fields should not overlap

A field that overlaps another field may cause unwanted multiple processing requests to be generated, which may result in being charged for extra processing that was not desired.

Example of fields that do not overlap


Example of overlapping fields (do not create overlapping fields)




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