How do I display my MicaSense Multi-layer GeoTiff in ArcMap?

1.    Open your data from the Catalog

Connect to the folder containing your GeoTiff using the  option. Now, click and drag the 5-band GeoTiff into the Table of Contents Window. If the Table of Contents is not visible in your window, you can open it by going to Windows>Table of Contents.

2.    Change Layer Properties

Now, from the Table of Contents, right click on your 5-Band Geotiff layer and click Properties. Within the Layer Properties, navigate to the “Symbology” tab. Ensure you are in the “RGB Composite” option within the “Show” menu on the left. Change the Red channel to “Band_3”, Green channel to “Band_2”, and Blue channel to “Band_1”. Ensure that the Alpha remains unchecked.

Next, change the Stretch Type to “Percent Clip” and set the min and max to 0.1. Then, check the “Apply Gamma Stretch” box, and set the 3 stretch values to 2.2. Click Apply.

This will ensure that your RGB layer in ArcGIS mimics the RGB layer seen in Atlas.

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