How do I connect to MicaSense sensors?

You can connect to MicaSense sensors using WiFi or Ethernet. Both options are outlined below:


MicaSense sensors have their own internal WiFi hotspot. Here are the details:

WiFi SSID: [camera model] [ Serial Number ]

(The serial number can be found on the back side of your camera, in the image metadata, and in the web UI)

Password: micasense

IP Address 

Type into your web browser to access camera's home page.


1. Ethernet Adapter:

- For the RedEdge M, MX, and 3, you will need to make an adapter cable (see below).

- For the Dual Camera system, you will need to make two adapter cables, one for each camera (see below).

- For the Altum, you will need a USB 3 to Ethernet adapter. 

- For the Altum-PT and RedEdge-P, you can use the User Interface Board as the ethernet adapter.

2. Set the host computer to use a manual IP address ( is recommended)

3. Configure the camera's Ethernet IP address ( by default). For the Dual Camera system, each camera will need a unique IP address. 

Make an adapter cable

The COMM port of the camera has an Ethernet connection available. An adapter cable is required to allow use of a standard Ethernet cable. This is our step-by-step guide: How to create an ethernet adapter cable for RedEdge-M/MX

The attached PDFs are the pinout diagrams for RedEdge-M or RedEdge-3.

An example of the Ethernet wiring for the Dual Camera system can be seen below.


Set up a static IP address on the host computer

You must set the host computer Ethernet to use a manual IP address in the block

We recommend the IP address if it is not in use already. The procedure for setting a static IP address manually for each operating system is beyond the scope of this article but there are numerous tutorials on the Internet documenting this process.

Configure the camera's IP Address

The Ethernet IP address is by default, but can be changed via the Advanced Configuration menu (for more details see the Camera Configuration > Settings Page in the Manual). You may need to connect via WiFi to configure this.

Once you have configured your host computer's Ethernet, you can connect to the configuration page using the IP address you have set up. 

Please refer to the Dual Camera System FAQ for more information about the Ethernet configuration and using the HTTP API with the Dual Camera system. 


The WiFi and ethernet connections are not hot swappable. That is to say, if you remove the WiFi or ethernet adapters, the network will not be reachable if the adapters are reinserted. You will need to reboot the camera for its network to be reachable after any network connectors have been removed. 

Ethernet connection examples







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