What is the center wavelength and bandwidth of each filter for MicaSense sensors?

The bandwidth for your camera model may vary slightly depending on the serial number. For RedEdge-MX with serial numbers RX02 or higher, or Altum with serial numbers AL05 or higher, refer to the following table:


 Band Name   Center Wavelength (nm)   Bandwidth (nm) 
Blue 475 32
Green 560 27
Red 668 16
Red Edge 717 12
Near IR 842 57
LWIR (Altum Only) 11 μm  6 μm


For RedEdge-MX Blue (in the Dual Camera System):

Band Name Center Wavelength (nm) Bandwidth (nm)
Coastal Blue 444 28
Green 531 14
Red 650 16
Red Edge 705 10
Red Edge 740 18


For RedEdge-MX with serial RX01 or lower, Altum with serial AL04 or lower, refer to the table below. Altum thermal (LWIR) band is unchanged.

Band Name Center Wavelength (nm) Bandwidth (nm)
Blue 475 20
Green 560 20
Red 668 10
Red Edge 717 10
NIR 840 40

Note: Bandwidth is defined as the width of the filter that lets light of a certain wavelength pass. In other words, our Blue sensor has a width of 20nm that lets light of a center wavelength of 475nm pass through.

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