Comparison of MicaSense Cameras



Currently, MicaSense offers the following multispectral camera options. The distinguishing feature between the two cameras is the thermal sensor:




Key Features:

• High-resolution panchromatic band for pan-sharpened output
resolutions of 2cm (0.8in) at 60m.
• Five spectral bands for multiple vegetation indices and
• New professional removable storage standard in CFexpress,
enabling up to three captures per second for faster flight speeds,
cutting down on the time required to map an area.
• Electrical and mechanical interfaces compatible with existing
RedEdge installations with just a connector upgrade.




Key Features:
• Removable, professional-grade CFexpress storage of up to 2TB
allowing for 2 captures/second.
• Ultra-high-resolution panchromatic imager for data outputs at
2.49cm resolution from 120m—more than 2 times the resolution
of today’s comparable multispectral cameras.
• Built-in 320 x 256 radiometric thermal imager for two times the
ground resolution of the Altum.


The following tables show a quick reference to highlight the differences between MicaSense cameras.


  RedEdge-MX *** Dual Camera System *** Altum *** RedEdge-P Altum-PT

5 Bands:




Red Edge,

Near Infrared (NIR)

10 Bands:

Coastal blue 444(28)*,

Blue 475(32),

Green 531(14)*,

Green 560(27),

Red 650(16)*,

Red 668(14),

Red Edge 705(10)*,

Red Edge 717(12),

Red Edge 740(18)*,

NIR 842(57)

6 Bands:




Red Edge,

Near Infrared (NIR),

Thermal (LWIR)

6 Bands:




Red Edge,

Near Infrared (NIR), Panchromatic

7 Bands:




Red Edge,

Near Infrared (NIR),

Thermal (LWIR),


Weight (including DLS2 and cables) 231.9g (8.18 oz)

508.8g (17.92 oz)

(Two sensors + mount plate + DSL2 + cables)

406 g (14.32 oz) 315 g (11.11 oz) 460g (16.23 oz)

83 x 59 x 45.4 mm

3.42 x 2.32 x 1.79 in


82 x 67 x 67.5 mm

3.23 x 2.64 x 2.67


86.8 x 63 x 67.4 mm

3.42 x 2.48 x 2.65 in

110 x 80 x 69 mm

4.33 x 3.15 x 2.72 in


Power input 5.0 - 15.8 V 5.0 - 15.8 V (provided through mount) 5.2 V - 25.2 V 7.0 - 25.2 V 7.0 - 25.2 V
Thermal? No No Yes No Yes
Sensor resolution 1280 x 960 px 1280 x 960 px

2064 x 1544 px (3.2MP MS bands)

160 x 120 px (thermal)

1456 x 1088 px

(1.6MP MS bands)

2464 x 2056 px

(5.1MP PAN)

2064 x 1544 px

(3.2MP MS bands)

4112 x 3008 px

(12MP PAN band)

320 x 256 px


Ground Sample Distance at 120m (~400ft) 8 cm/px 8 cm/px

5.28 cm/px

(MS bands)

7.7 cm/px (MS bands)

3.98 cm/px (PAN)

5.28 cm/px

(MS bands)

2.49 cm/px


Storage SD Card SD Card

USB Drive


SD Card Adapter 

CFexpress type B CFexpress type B
DJI Skyport enabled? Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Capture rate (all bands) 1 capture per second 1 capture per second 1 capture per second Up to 3 captures per second of raw DNG Up to 2 captures per second of raw DNG
Field of View 47.2° HFOV 47.2° HFOV

50.2º HFOV

50° x 38 (MS bands)

44° x 38° (PAN)

50° x 38° (MS bands)

46° x 35° (PAN)

48° x 39° (thermal)

* Denotes RedEdge-MX Blue bands

** For more details about each sensor's center wavelengths and bandwidths, click here

*** No longer in production



The following camera models are no longer in production:



Key Features:

Five narrow spectral bands captured during flight.
• High image resolution; 8 cm/pixel at 400 ft (120 m).
• Single SD card stores all images with geotags.
• Standalone operation, with optional external trigger and data
from host aircraft.
• Web-based configuration page accessed from any Wi-Fi–
capable device.
• Embedded mounting points for easier integration.
• Global shutter imagers - don’t require a gimbal.


Dual Camera System


Key Features:

• Synchronized capture of all 10 bands for pixel-aligned imagery.
• Standard 12-bit TIFF file outputs with embedded metadata for
full access to raw data.
• Combined Downwelling Light Sensor and GPS for streamlined
integration and accurate ambient light calibration. Only one DLS
• Radiometrically calibrated spectral imagers for precise,
repeatable measurements.
• Global shutters on all 10 lenses for distortion-free results on
every platform.
• Comes standard with fixed bracket and quick-mount connector
for easy integration with DJI drones.




Key differences from Altum-PT:

* Does not have a panchromatic band

* Minimum trigger interval only 1.5s

* Thermal band is a half resolution of Altum-PT

* USB storage instead of CFexpress card




Key differences to RedEdge-MX:

* Plastic housing rather than all-metal like the RedEdge-MX

* Compatible with new DLS2 but originally comes with DLS/GPS combo




Key differences from RedEdge-M/MX:

* Voltage range of 5.0 - 5.5v

* Non-removable WiFi adapter

* Larger form factor

* Does not receive firmware updates after v5.1.13 specific to RedEdge-3. 

* Compatible with new DLS2 but originally comes with DLS/GPS combo


  Altum RedEdge-M RedEdge-3
Discontinued? Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with DLS2? Yes Yes, with a firmware update Yes, with a firmware update

406.5 g

(including DLS2)

170 g (including DLS) 168 g (including DLS)
Voltage range 5.2 V - 24.2 V 5.0 V - 15.8 V 5.0 V - 5.5 V
Removable WiFi? Yes Yes No

8.2 cm x 6.7 cm x 6.75 cm

(3.2" x 2.6" x 2.7")

9.4 cm x 6.3 cm x 4.6 cm (3.7” x 2.5” x 1.8”)

12.1 cm x 6.6 cm x 4.6 cm

(4.8" x 2.6" x 1.8")

Ground Sample Distance

5.28 cm per pixel at 120m


8 cm per pixel at 120m (400ft)

8 cm per pixel at 120m (400ft)


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