RedEdge Image Processing Workflow

Processing using third party tools

For users that want to get the fastest results with the least overhead, RedEdge imagery can be processed in third-party image processing software such as Pix4D, Agisoft Photoscan, ENVI, or Solvi. For more information, please visit our tutorials on how to process RedEdge imagery with Pix4D and how to process RedEdge imagery with Agisoft.

Creating your own processing workflows

For advanced users and partners that would like to implement their own raw image processing workflow software, we have published a series of tutorials and software on the use of RedEdge imagery and metadata for achieving the best results.  You can find the tutorials and code in github here: MicaSense Image Processing. MicaSense has developed a custom radiometric model for RedEdge which should always be used for best results.  The model is implemented in the image processing tutorials linked above, and can be explored further in this article.



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