Making a custom 6-pin DF-13 cable

There are two options for making a 6-pin cable: build one from scratch or use the cable provided with modifications.

Building from scratch

This is more involved and requires special and expensive tools. See the bill of materials (BOM) below:

  • QTY 2 of the Hirose 6pin housing, p/n DF13-6S-1.25C
  • QTY 12 of the Hirose pins, p/n DF13-2630SCFA
  • QTY (whatever length you require) of 3M ribbon cable, p/n 3365A/06SF

NOTE: The pins will require a tool that costs about $1.2k, p/n DF13-TB2630HC

Pre-crimped wires

Alternatively, you can use pre-crimped wires instead of the pins and ribbon cable alone. This will save you the cost and effort of the tooling. The part number for the pre-crimped wires is shown below and can be found at The maximum length for these wires is 12" and you will have to solder the un-crimped end to your cable or matching wires.

NOTE: The part number shown is for a 6" red wire. The part number will vary depending on the length of wire and the color of the wire. See Digikey's website for more information on color and length options.

From our connector

Take our current cable, cut it in half, then solder on a matching cable. You should place heat shrink over the soldered connections. You will need:

  • QTY (whatever length you require) of 3M ribbon cable, p/n 3365A/06SF
  • QTY 12 pieces of heat shrink, about 3/4" long, p/n V2-1.5-R75-ND on

NOTE: You will need a soldering iron and hot air source for this option. 


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