Why is the web configuration page showing an incorrect date?

The camera gets date and time information from the GPS. Prior to flying, it is critical to ensure the Storage, GPS Stats, DLS Status, and Time are all green. If the Time and GPS Stats bar are highlighted in red, such as in the image below, this means you may need to move to a location with a clearer view of the sky. Another important status to check is the GPS Signal, which is seen in the status bars at the bottom of the image below. If your signal strength is below 30, even if you have adequate visible satellites, the date and used satellites will not be correct. This may be remedied by ensuring a clearer view of the sky but some areas may have weak signals and you may need to determine a different take off point for your flight that receives a stronger signal.

Time will be in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) and cannot be changed to your local time zone. This is to ensure compatibility with processing software. 



 The RedEdge Web Configuration home page is shown above. 


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