Fixing Reflectance Metadata

For those people who have collected data with RedEdge-3 v2.1.0 or v2.1.1 firmware and are unable to create a reflectance map in Pix4D, we can provide the following guidance:

- Install exiv2 (Windows, Linux, and MacOS executable available at

- Use the command line below to correct the missing metadata on all of the NIR images. This will modify your files, so we recommended that you create a backup copy of your data before running this command (scroll).

exiv2 -M"reg MicaSense" -M"del Xmp.MicaSense.RadiometricCalibration" -M"set Xmp.MicaSense.RadiometricCalibration XmpSeq 0.000193021" -M"set Xmp.MicaSense.RadiometricCalibration XmpSeq 1.01852e-7" -M"set Xmp.MicaSense.RadiometricCalibration XmpSeq 1.7069299e-5" -M"reg Camera" -M"set Xmp.Camera.BandSensitivity 0.197279381687" IMG_*_4.tif

This is only to correct files which have already been captured with v2.1.0 or v2.1.1. To avoid this issue in the future, please update to the most recent RedEdge version via the Downloads tab in Atlas before capturing any new data.

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