RedEdge: GPS Options

In order for RedEdge to properly geotag images, GPS data must be available to the camera. There are two options for integration.

Use the included module

The easiest way to provide GPS is to connect the GPS module provided with the camera to the "GPS" port of the camera. A 6-pin to 6-pin cable is provided with your RedEdge for this purpose. Mount the GPS in a location that has a clear view of the sky.

Note that the GPS module provided with your camera has been pre-configured. Brand new units of the same module may not function properly.

Use custom GPS data

If you will not be using the provided GPS module, please ensure that your autopilot sends both GPS data (including data and time) and attitude data (heading) using the Serial (MAVLink) or HTTP API.

If you would like to integrate RTK for high-precision data, you will need to configure the RedEdge's GPS pin to "Top of Frame Output". You will also want to send GPS data to the camera as a backup via one of the APIs. For details, please see PPS Pin Usage and Top of Frame Output.

HTTP (Ethernet/WiFi) API

The /gps command can be used to retrieve the current gps solution, or to provide a solution to the camera.

This command can be used in lieu of an external GPS attached to the camera to provide the camera with a position (for example, from the aircraft GPS). Anytime this value has been written in the last five seconds, it will take priority over a camera attached GPS and will be used instead of the attached GPS when writing image metadata.

For more details, see the GPS section of the HTTP API

Serial API

Receipt of serial state messages will override any RedEdge internal or external sensor data, such as a connected GPS, for five seconds since the last state message was received. For aircraft state and mount status, messages should be sent as often as possible to ensure the latest state information is available to the camera when a capture is taken.

There are two supported ways to provide GPS data to the RedEdge. The simplest method is to send the GPS_RAW_INT message, as this single message contains both the time and position information. The other supported way is to send both SYSTEM_TIME and GLOBAL_POSITION_INT together. Sending GPS in both styles at the same time is not recommended.

For more details, see the Serial API

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