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Fields and Uploads

Here we will define in more detail what an Upload is, and how Atlas handles automatic processing of data.

An Upload is a collection of data that is intended to be processed at the same time. An Upload can contain data from:

  • A single flight that covers part of a field
  • A single flight that covers the entire field
  • Multiple flights that cover a single field
  • A single flight that covers more than one field
  • Multiple flights that cover more than one field

It is up to you to decide how to organize your data to best fit your workflow. At the end of a session of capturing imagery with RedEdge, create an Upload that contains either:

  • The entire contents of the SD card, or
  • The SET folder for a specific flight, or
  • The SET folders from multiple flights. To do this, create a new directory in a local hard drive , and copy the SET folders for the desired flights into that directory. You can then choose this directory in the Uploader application.

Atlas uses the geographic information stored in each image to allocate the data to any of the existing fields in your Account. As shown in this example, an upload containing data for 3 fields captured across 3 flights is automatically distributed to the appropriate field for processing.

If data for a single field has been captured more than once, you should create separate Uploads for each event. For example, if data is captured for the same field on different dates, each set of images should be added in its own Upload. Similarly, if the same field is mapped from more than one altitude, the image sets should be separated into their own Uploads.

Any fields that are covered by 80 percent or more are automatically added to the processing queue. No further action from you is needed for processing.

Any fields that are covered by less than 80 percent will not be processed automatically. These fields will be displayed in the Uploads tab. Mouse over the status message to see the percent of coverage. You can choose to request processing for these fields manually at any time.

In some circumstances, an Upload can include data that covers a very small part of a neighboring field. In these situations, the partially covered field will show up in the Upload list for reference.

For further questions on the upload process, feel free to contact us.

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