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Precautions for use and maintenance

Only use accessories specified by the manufacturer.

If sand or dust gets into Sequoia it may be irreparably damaged and no longer function correctly.

Do not use Sequoia in adverse weather conditions (rain, strong wind and snow) or when visibility is poor (at night).

Keep Sequoia away from high voltage power lines, buildings or any other potentially hazardous areas.

Do not use this device near liquids. Do not place Sequoia in water or on a wet surface as this could cause irreparable damage.

Avoid making Sequoia undergo significant changes in altitude.

Do not leave Sequoia in the sun.

Risk of ingestion of small objects. The packaging is not part of the product and must be discarded as a safety measure.

If you use Sequoia with a drone refer to the general information for your drone.


Before you use your Sequoia check the restrictions regarding the use of Wi-Fi frequencies in the place where you are going to fly. Certain frequencies may be restricted or prohibited.

Warning regarding privacy and respect for property

Recording and broadcasting an individual's image and voice without their permission may constitute an invasion of privacy and you may be held liable.

Ask for permission before filming and recording an individual's voice, particularly if you would like to save your recordings and/or broadcast them on the Internet.

Do not broadcast degrading images or sounds which may affect an individual's reputation or dignity.

Recording and broadcasting the image of property without the permission of its owner may constitute an infringement of the property image rights and you may be held liable; ask for the owner's permission before filming a property.


For the warranty terms please refer to the General Conditions of sale for the dealer where you purchased Sequoia.

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