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Thank you for choosing Sequoia, the sensor specifically for precision farming. Sequoia is one of the lightest sensors on the market. It provides extremely accurate images:

  • 16 Mpx RGB sensor: photos of your crops using visible wavelength.
  • Four narrow band and synchronised 1.2 Mpx monochrome sensors
  • (Green, Red, Red Edge and Near Infrared)
  • An automatically calibrated camera thanks to the sunshine module

Sequoia also has:

  • A sensor weighing 72 grams which is suitable for all types of drones
  • A removable protective lens
  • Integrated GPS/GNSS to locate the camera when photos are being taken
  • 64GB internal memory, corresponding to 10 flights
  • An SD card slot


You can set up Sequoia using either flight planning software (such as Pix4Dmapper Capture or eMotion from SenseFly for example), or Wi-Fi via an HTML interface. Your set up data will be saved in the Sequoia memory.

Setting up Sequoia via Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is enabled on Sequoia as the default option. Press four times on the multispectral sensor button to enable/disable Wi-Fi on Sequoia. Subsequently, Sequoia keeps the last Wi-Fi set up in its memory, when it is switched on or off.

You can set up Sequoia from a computer, smartphone or tablet:

  1. Connect the multispectral sensor USB device port to a drone or a USB battery.

> Sequoia turns on automatically.

  1. Make sure that the Wi-Fi appears in the list of available Wi-Fi. If not,

press four times on the multispectral sensor button.

  1. Connect to the Wi-Fi network: Sequoia_XXXX.
  2. Open your internet browser
  3. Type the following address in your browser's address bar:

> The HTML interface for setting up Sequoia opens. You can set up Sequoia.


Before each flight with Sequoia, make the following checks:

  • Make sure that the lenses are clean. Use the micro fibre cloth (supplied) to clean them.
  • Free up enough memory (either in the multispectral sensor internal memory, or on your SD card) so you can save all the photos taken during the flight.
  • Make sure that the two modules are properly attached to the drone and that they are not likely to come off during the flight.
  • Make sure that the micro USB device cable which connects the drone to the multispectral sensor is connected.
  • Make sure that the two sensors are calibrated. For more information, see the Calibrating Sequoia section.
  • Wait until the sunshine sensor indicator light is green. When it is green this means that the GPS/GNSS is enabled.

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