RedEdge Manual > Checklist for Operation

  1. Before Power-Up


SD card installed


Power cable connected


GPS for camera connected and connectors secured


Lenses are clean, not scratched, clear of obstructions


If using external trigger: trigger cable connected to triggering source


If using gimbal: gimbal is functional and operating properly


  1. Camera Power-On and Configuration


Apply power or manually turn ON camera - verify boot-up complete (blinking Status LED)


Connect to camera using WiFi-capable device


Connect to “rededgeXXXXXX” WiFi network (password = “micasense”)


Open web browser and point to


Select Home Page


Verify voltage is good (green background, 4.0 to 5.5 V DC)


Verify free space on SD card sufficient for mission


Verify GPS date and time are correct


Wait for GPS fix


Confirm GPS fix (> 3 Satellites Used)


Confirm green blinking Status LED


Configure auto-capture mode - press “Save” after all changes


  1. Before-Flight Reflectance Panel Images


Select Live View Page


Point camera at reflectance panel (make sure camera has GPS fix)


Panel placed on ground, far from any obstructions


Panel fills about half the camera’s field of view


Camera pointed as perpendicular to panel as possible


No shadows on panel


Direct sunlight illumination on panel (no reflected lighting)


Press “Capture” button on Live View Page and verify image captured correctly


Take at least two captures


Panel captures should ONLY be commanded from the Live View Page interface or by pressing the physical trigger button. Do not use Timer, Overlap, or External Trigger mode for capturing panel images.




  1. Immediately Before Flight



Confirm green Status LED in front of camera


Verify auto-capture settings


If using Timer mode:


When ready to launch, press "Start” in Settings Page


Go to Live View page and verify capture at desired interval


If using Overlap mode:


When ready to launch, press "Start” in Settings Page


If using External Trigger mode:


Force a manual trigger capture using aircraft’s controller


In Live View Page, verify image captured


  1. After Flight


Connect to camera using WiFi capable device


In Home Page, verify SD card free space:


If SD card is full it is likely some pictures were not captured


If desired, download KML file from Coverage Page and view in Google Earth or GIS application


If using Timer auto-capture mode:


In Settings Page, click “Stop” button


Obtain after-flight reflectance panel images


Same process as before-flight reflectance panel images


Power camera OFF (hold power button for at least 4 seconds)

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