RedEdge Manual > Getting Started > Using the RedEdge Camera


Power ON the Camera


Press and release the ON/OFF button.

The Status LED will remain OFF while the camera is initializing (approx. 5 seconds).

After initialization has completed, Status LED will flash at approximately once every 1.5 seconds.



The camera will automatically turn ON when power is first applied to the external power connector. If the camera is manually turned OFF, it can be re-powered ON by pressing the ON/OFF button.


Status LED Indicators





1 Flash

No SD card installed


2 Flashes

SD card is full or close to full


3 Flashes

GPS timeout


4 Flashes

Low power source indication


1 Flash

GPS unit detected, but does not have a fix



1 Flash

Camera is ready for operation (GPS is good and SD card has > 2 GB space available)


To Power OFF the Camera:


Press and hold the ON/OFF button for at least 4 seconds.

The Status LED will stop flashing once the camera has shut down.



Always power OFF the camera before removing the SD card. Failure to do so may corrupt some of the files in the SD card.



Capturing Images (Manual Trigger)


With the camera turned ON and SD card installed, press and release the trigger button.

The camera will command a capture and the red LED on the back cover will flash three times to indicate that a capture has been taken and the data is being written to the SD card.

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