RedEdge Manual > File Storage

The RedEdge camera stores files in the SD card in a folder structure. A new folder is created for each time the camera is powered up.



Within each folder, a subfolder with the images themselves is created. If more than 200 images are stored, a second image folder is created (“000” and “001” for instance). Two log files are also created.


Within each subfolder, a group of 5 files is created for each image capture (5 TIFF files). The suffix at the end of each file indicates the imager number (see Figure 4), from 1 through 5.



Average File Size

12-Bit DNG

1.8 MB per file, lossless (5 files per capture)

16-Bit TIFF

2.5 MB per file, lossless (5 files per capture)


The TIFF files are 12-bit resolution stored in either 12-bit DNG RAW format (lossless) or 16-bit TIFF RAW format (also lossless) depending on the setting (see Section 3.5.4). The resolution is 1280x960 pixels. Metadata tags are embedded for each file in standard format.

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