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The RedEdge camera stores files in the SD card in a folder structure. A new "SET" folder is created for each time the camera is powered up.



Within each "SET" folder, two log files are created with the ".dat" exention. These log files, diag.dat and paramlog.dat, are created for the purpose of diagnostics by MicaSense Support if any issues arise. When images are captured, they are stored subfolders. The first 200 captures are stored in a "000" folder. If more than 200 captures are stored, additional folders, starting with "001", will be created to hold the captures and the image file names start where the last folder left off. For example, folder "000" will end with "IMG_0199_5.tif" and folder "001" will start with "IMG_0200_1.tif". 


Within each subfolder, a group of 5 files is created for each image capture (5 TIFF files). The suffix at the end of each file indicates the imager number (see Figure 4), from 1 through 5. 



Average File Size

12-Bit DNG

1.8 MB per file, lossless (5 files per capture)

16-Bit TIFF

2.5 MB per file, lossless (5 files per capture)


The TIFF files are 12-bit resolution stored in either 12-bit DNG RAW format (lossless) or 16-bit TIFF RAW format (also lossless) depending on the setting (see Section 3.5.4). The resolution is 1280x960 pixels. Metadata tags are embedded for each file in standard format.

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