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The RedEdge camera hosts a Wi-Fi access point that is used in conjunction with any Wi-Fi-capable device for configuration of the camera and live preview of images acquired with the camera.

Establishing WiFi Connection

Any device (computer, tablet, or smart phone) can be used to establish a connection with the camera. To establish the WiFi connection: 

  1. Turn on the camera and wait for initialization process to complete
  2. Use the device’s WiFi configuration method to search for a WiFi access point called “rededgeXXXXXXX”, where “XXXXXXX” is the 7-digit serial number of the camera.
  3. The password for this WiFi access point is “micasense”.

 Once connected to the camera’s WiFi, open any web browser and access the camera’s web page by typing in “” in the address bar of the browser.

There are 4 main “pages” for the camera:



Home Page


Live View Page


Coverage Page


Settings Page

Home Page

Provides status information for the camera and the GPS receiver that is connected to it.

Live View Page

Provides a live preview of images captured with the camera.


Imager Nomenclature

Whenever the camera captures images, the image(s) will be displayed in the Live View page based on the setting of the “Band” pull-down menu





Shows all five single-band images at once in a matrix

Band 1

Shows imager #1 (Blue filter)

Band 2

Shows imager #2 (Green filter)

Band 3

Shows imager #3 (Red filter)

Band 4

Shows imager #4 (Near IR filter)

Band 5

Shows imager #5 (“Red Edge” filter)



Capture: The Capture button forces a capture for the camera, and is equivalent to pressing the manual trigger button on the camera.


Streaming: The Streaming checkbox is used for near-real-time preview images from the camera. When the Streaming mode is enabled, the images shown will update as quickly as the camera can support it (currently approx. twice a second). Note that Streaming mode does not save any images to the SD card. It just enables fast capture of the camera for preview purposes only.




Streaming mode is intended for live-preview. It is recommended that streaming mode be disabled before any other operations (particularly before enabling Auto-Capture mode).

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