Atlas Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sort through my data and create a separate Upload for each flight or field?

In most cases no. Using your defined field boundaries, Atlas will create mosaics for each field separately even if the Upload covers multiple fields.

Should I create separate Uploads for captures of the same field at different times?

Yes. Create a separate upload or image set for each time the same field is imaged.

Can I upload multiple image sets at the same time?

Yes. Choose all the folders you would like to upload and Atlas will sort everything according to your predefined farms and fields automatically.

Do I need to sort through my images and remove images that were taken on the ground, or not over fields?

No. Atlas will do this sorting for you. However, removing these images will help to reduce the amount of time it will take to upload your images. Work with your platform provider to ensure images are captured only over the field of interest, and not during takeoff, landing, or while the aircraft is turning around.

Can I upload a .kml or shapefile to define my field boundaries?

This feature is planned, but not supported at this time. If you have field boundaries in a common format such as .shp or .kml, please contact and we can work with you to import your fields into Atlas.

How long does processing take after my upload has completed?

Most Uploads complete processing within 24 hours. Follow the data capture guidelines in our Best Practices Guide (or see this video) to ensure the data processing completes quickly.

Are reflectance panel calibration images required for Atlas processing?

Yes. Images of a calibrated reflectance panel obtained both before and after each flight ensure data captured on different dates or at different times on the same date can be compared absolutely with each other and with other sources of data, such as satellite data. If your Upload does not include at least one image of a calibration panel, it is likely that your processing job will be delayed. If you don't have a calibrated reflectance panel, please contact

Can I use my own calibrated reflectance panel (e.g. Spectralon®)?

In some cases, yes. Please contact prior to the first time you use a new non-MicaSense panel so that we can ensure your equipment is compatible and attach any necessary information to your account.

Can I process data captured with any sensor/camera using Atlas?

Not at this time. Currently MicaSense Atlas supports data only from the RedEdge and Sequoia multispectral sensors.

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