RedEdge Manual > Updating the Firmware


You can find the latest firmware via your ATLAS account at the following link (login required):

If you have not created a free Atlas account yet, you can do so here:

Installation Instructions

These instructions can also be found in your owner's manual.

Copy the rededge.bin file to the root folder of any SD card (the SD card that came with the camera is recommended).

With the camera powered OFF, insert the SD card into the camera.

Provide a source of power (5.0 Volts DC at 5 Watts) to the camera and power the camera ON if it doesn’t power on automatically. The red light on the back of the camera will immediately start to rapidly flash, indicating that the camera is installing the firmware. When the red light stops flashing, the installation process is complete (should be less than 30 seconds).

The camera should then boot up normally and the light in the front will flash at approximately a once per second interval.

Verify the software was updated by checking the “Settings” page on the camera’s web page. The firmware version number is shown at the bottom of the page.

Remove the SD card and delete the bin file (otherwise each time you power up the camera, it will install the firmware).


If you have any questions about this procedure please contact support. 



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