Altum and RedEdge Band Order

The band order of raw images from the camera is different than that of geotiff files that are processed by certain photogrammetry software. Pix4Dmapper, for example, exports the bands in the order they were received, while Agisoft Metashape rearranges the bands in wavelength order.

Altum and RedEdge 3/M/MX raw image band order


 File Name Band Name 
IMG_0500_2.tif Green
IMG_0500_3.tif Red
IMG_0500_4.tif Near Infrared
IMG_0500_5.tif  Red Edge
IMG_0500_6.tif (Thermal -
Altum only) 

RedEdge-MX Blue (in the Dual Camera System)

File name Band Name
IMG_0500_6.tif Coastal Blue
IMG_0500_7.tif Green
IMG_0500_8.tif Red
IMG_0500_9.tif Red Edge
IMG_0500_10.tif Red Edge

This information is also contained within each image's EXIF metadata. The "Band Name" field defines the human readable name (Blue, Green, etc.) while the "Center Wavelength" field defines the center wavelength of the filter for that band, in nanometers (475, 560, etc.)

Atlas Cloud Geotiff Band order

If you are using Atlas to export an orthomosaic, you will find that it arranges the bands in wavelength order, as follows:

Band RedEdge Camera
1  Blue (475nm)

Green (560nm)

3 Red (668nm)
4 Red Edge (717nm)
5 Near-Infrared (840nm)

 The band order in the file names for the unprocessed source images on the RedEdge camera are different than those exported from Atlas (bands four and five are switched).

Also note that Altum data is NOT able to be processed by Atlas Cloud, which is why Band 6 is not listed in the above table for the band order.


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