How do I power Sequoia using my drone's battery?

Sequoia is powered via a micro-USB type B connector. This connector must supply a voltage of 5V and a minimum current of 2.4A for Sequoia to operate successfully. This can be accomplished by using a Battery Eliminating Circuit (BEC) to convert your system power at a higher voltage down to the power requirements of the Parrot Sequoia. 

You will need to purchase:
1) a micro USB type B connector (like this one)
2) a BEC with the required rated output (5V with 2.4 amp rating or higher) and an input voltage rating that matches your aircraft's system power (unique to your aircraft). Examples of potentially suitable BECs:
Connect your system power to the input of the BEC and connect the micro-USB type B connector to the BEC output wires. The following link provides a reference for the pinouts of the Micro USB Type B connector.
It is recommended that you carefully check correct polarity for both the input and output of the BEC. It is also good practice to check the output voltage and polarity of the Micro USBV Type B connector with a multimeter before connecting to the camera. 
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