How Can I Modify Sequoia's Settings?

You can set up Sequoia using either flight planning software (such as Pix4Dmapper Capture or eMotion from SenseFly for example), or Wi-Fi via an HTML interface. Your set up data will be saved in the Sequoia memory.

Setting up Sequoia via Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is enabled on Sequoia as the default option. Press four times on the multispectral sensor button to enable/disable Wi-Fi on Sequoia. Subsequently, Sequoia keeps the last Wi-Fi set up in its memory, when it is switched on or off.
You can set up Sequoia from a computer, smartphone or tablet:
1. Connect the multispectral sensor USB device port to a drone or a USB battery. Sequoia turns on automatically.
2. Make sure that the Wi-Fi appears in the list of available Wi-Fi. If not, press four times on the multispectral sensor button.
3. Connect to the Wi-Fi network: Sequoia_XXXX.
4. Open your internet browser
5. In the address bar of your browser, type the following address:
     The HTML interface for setting up Sequoia opens. You can set up Sequoia.
The Sequoia set up interface consists of three screens:
The Home screen is used to set up Sequoia :
     Select the capture mode you want:
     Single: take one shot at a time.
     Time-lapse: take burst shots at regular intervals. In the "time-lapse"field specify in seconds the interval of time that you want between each shot.
     GPS: take burst shots at regular distances. In the "GPS" field, specify the distance in meters between each photo (Or use the calculator and input your flight altitude and percent overlap).

Once the set-up is complete, press the Shot button. The camera starts taking shots. To stop taking shots, press the Stop shot button.

Select the Image resolution:
     0.3 Mpx
     1.2 Mpx.
Select the Bit depth:

Select the sensor The sensors that you want to enable during the flight. To do this, click on the sensors that youwant to enable or disable.
     Red Edge
     Near Infrared

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