What degree of accuracy can I expect from the geo-referencing process?

Unfortunately we are not able to make any accuracy guarantees. Our base map comes from a third party provider and should not be considered an absolute reference. The geo-referencing quality of the actual data is a function of a number of things including the GPS quality at the time of capture, the number of captures, the time span over which the data was captured, etc.

However, using a survey grade GPS on the flight vehicle and providing that information to the camera over the serial or ethernet ports may improve geo-referencing quality. If the data needs to be geo-referenced with some accuracy to a specific datum, you will need to mark, survey, and catalog ground control points and post-process the data to geo-reference it to the preferred datum. We suggest geo-referencing the data to your preferred datum as many provided base maps are notoriously inaccurate, and cannot be cross-referenced or compared

If the GeoTiff needs to be referenced to a base map, you can display it in Google Earth Pro, or any other GIS software, and manually adjust the geo-referencing so that it matches that of the base map.

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