What are the voltage / power requirements for Sequoia?

Sequoia consumes approx. 6 Watts of power (continuous) for both the camera and irradiance sensor. The system runs off 5.0 Volts, so continuous operating current is approx. 1.2 Amps. Peak power usage is approximately 12 Watts (2.4 Amps @ 5 Volts). The connector for power for Sequoia is a standard Micro USB Type B.

Power for Sequoia can be provided by an external battery or by the same battery that powers the aircraft. Some drones (like the 3DR Solo) include a power connector for payloads with sufficient power and current capability to power Sequoia. In other situations, an external battery pack will be needed. If an external battery is used and the voltage is not regulated at 5 Volts, a 5.0-Volt regulator is required. A BEC similar to this one or this one can be used. Always follow your BEC's instructions carefully.

The voltage tolerances of the two devices are as follows:

For Sequoia: 4.5V - 6V
For sunshine sensor: 4.5V - 5.5V


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