How can I process Sequoia™ Data?

Depending on your needs, Sequoia data can be processed using a cloud-based service or local processing software: 

MicaSense ATLAS™ Cloud Data Platform

MicaSense ATLAS is a complete solution for processing, storage, presentation, and analysis of multispectral data captured with RedEdge and Sequoia. Its intuitive interface simplifies data management for all your farms and fields. 

ATLAS's automatic cloud processing service lets you to focus on your fields, not on processing raw data. ATLAS can be used to easily identify changes over time with specialized visualization tools for vegetation indices (NDVI, NDRE, RGB) and beyond. 

ATLAS can also be used in the field to scout your way to problem areas using any connected device. 

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Pix4D™ Local Processing Software

Pix4Dmapper allows processing of Sequoia data locally. For more information, visit

Other Processing Software

Check with your software provider for compatibility of multi-camera arrays like Sequoia.

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