Can I use Atlas to align the bands of a single capture?

Unfortunately, we do not offer alignment of single images as an output. A minimum of 10 overlapping captures are required in order to create the reflectance-compensated GeoTIFF file (orthomosaic) with pixel-level alignment between the bands with in Atlas.  

Further, data uploaded for processing by Atlas must be gathered from at least 15m above the crop canopy. We generally cannot offer processing for data captured on the ground (e.g. by hand, from poles, or mounted to a vehicle such as a tractor).  

The reason for this limitation is that images from Sequoia and RedEdge are taken at the same time, but are taken from slightly different locations since each camera has 5 (or 4) independent lenses and imagers. Images taken closer than 15m will generally have parallax errors due to these slight location differences that may result in processing artifacts and a lack of sufficient texture to combine into an orthomosaic.

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