Can Sequoia be integrated into drones like DJI Phantom and 3DR Solo?

Sequoia's small size and weight enable integration into a variety of small drones. Some of the more popular ones are listed here, and more will be added. General integration instructions can be found in the Sequoia Integration Guide.

3DR Solo

Integration into the 3DR Solo platform is straightforward using the non-gimbal mount. An accessory mount is available here for Sequoia for easy mechanical integration with Solo. Also available is a cable harness that connects to the Solo's accessory payload bay connector. 

DJI Phantom Series

Integration of Sequoia on a Phantom (2, 3, or 4) is possible, though for best results, removal of the gimbal is recommended. A power source will also be required (either tapping into battery of aircraft or external battery pack). Accessories for integration of Sequoia with Phantom 3 Advanced/Pro are available here. Note that our accessories for Phantom are not intended for Phantom 3 Standard, Phantom 3 4K, or Phantom 4.

More Information

All integration kits are available on our accessories page.

Sequoia Integration Kit Assembly Instructions





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