How do RedEdge™ and Sequoia™ differ?

RedEdge and Sequoia are both calibrated and precise multispectral sensors offered by Micasense. Both use narrow bands optimized for agriculture and are compatible with MicaSense ATLAS.
Sequoia is our smallest and most cost-effective sensor, weighing in at 107 grams with its irradiance sensor. This makes it compatible with almost any size drone. Sequoia includes four narrow bands at 13 cm/pixel (at 400 ft AGL) for vegetation index analysis. Sequoia also includes a high resolution RGB camera for scouting.
RedEdge features 8 cm/pixel GSD (at 400 ft) and five narrow bands (each with its own global shutter imager) for customizable and accurate analysis. RedEdge also has serial/MAVlink, PWM trigger, or Ethernet capability and a web-based configuration page, allowing for full electronic integration with any autopilot.
Sequoia and RedEdge are both powerful multispectral sensors with the capability to yield accurate and calibrated results. Sequoia is simple to operate, fully capable yet lightweight and cost-effective. The additional band (blue), improved GSD, and multiple integration options make RedEdge an ideal solution for research and advanced integrations.
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