How do I reduce the amount of data to upload data to ATLAS?

There are multiple ways to reduce the size of the files to upload to ATLAS.

If you are using a RedEdge camera:

  1. Reduce number of captures in a flight by using "external trigger" mode or "overlap" mode rather than "timer" mode
  2. Use the DNG format (instead of TIF). This reduces the size of the file from 16 bit to 12 bit (lossless since imager is actually 12 bit resolution). 

If you are using a Sequoia camera:

  1. Turn off the RGB imager. ATLAS currently does not support processing of Sequoia's RGB imager.
  2. If desired, you can take and process 8-bit images at 1.2Mpx (ATLAS does not support 0.3 Mpx at this time)



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