Can I use a 64GB (or higher capacity) SD card with RedEdge?

RedEdge is designed for use with SDHC SD cards, which are limited to 32 GB storage capacity. Higher capacity SD cards use the SDXC format, which is not compatible with RedEdge. 

A 32 GB SD card should be sufficient for mapping approximately 600 acres (240 Ha). This calculation assumes 400 ft AGL (120 m AGL), 70% overlap and sidelap, 12-bit RAW files stored in SD card.

A fixed wing aircraft flying at 13 m/s will cover 600 acres in approx. 1.8 flight hours. A multicopter flying at 7 m/s will take much longer. Since most drones in the market today are limited to 1 hour endurance or less, a 32 GB card should be sufficient for most flight operations. If your operation requires a larger storage capacity due to longer flight time,i t is possible to connect a single board computer (SBC, such a Raspberry Pi) to the camera using the ethernet port and have the SBC copy the files from the SD card to a local storage device on the SBC. Please see the guide below for more details:

Expandable Storage Guide with Raspberry Pi

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