Can the Wi-Fi on the RedEdge camera be disabled?

The WiFi adapter on the camera runs at a very low power to limit both the range and the potential for interference. In addition, the camera's Wi-Fi module only transmits when it is actively being "talked to". In flight, the camera's Wi-Fi is not actively transmitting. We have not seen any conclusive situations where the camera's Wi-Fi has caused any issues. 

There have been a few cases where interference was suspected, so we added the capability to turn off the Wi-Fi temporarily, until the camera is power cycled. There is currently no option to disable the Wi-Fi permanently, as this can result in a situation where the Wi-Fi isn't easily turned back on. Therefore this procedure will need to be followed each time the camera is powered on.

The process to disable the Wi-Fi is simple:

  1. Power on the camera, and connect to the camera's Wi-Fi access point
  2. Open a web browser and type the following location in the address bar:

The result may appear to get "stuck" - this is expected and if you look at the Wi-Fi connection it should be immediately dropped and you should no longer see the camera's Wi-Fi access point. This is the only indication that Wi-Fi has been disabled.

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